I’ve been collecting up a bunch of pictures and resources on Dolk the stencil graffiti artist from Norway and I thought I should group them on one page, as it may be easier for others to find them.

So here are all my posts on Dolk and a short description of each.

FEB 2007 This is my first post, it’s got the Che Guevarra “Rappin” stencil and a really good shot of the “Boy Remote Controlling plane bird”. I’ve seen a few of these but in my opinion this is one of the better shots because of the sunlight.

Dolk Stencil Graffiti

MAR 2007
In March I gathered up a bunch of information on other sites that have great stuff on Dolk. It’s sort of my “Dolk Directory” there is plenty more out there but these are my top picks. The most concentrated stuff. I’ve also got the Marathon Runner in there and Burger King which are excellent stencils.

More and more Dolk

Later in March I spotted this neat dual-tone piece in Copenhagen of a kid blowing his trumpet. OK I may be missing some story behind it as I didn’t find it as amusing as most of the others but still – quality is great.

Another Dolk Stencil in Copenhagen

Again in March I found the “I am your father” stencil it’s just awesome that one. The idea of the AT AT being the father of the Biped is great. And then the famous “I am your father” line from Star Wars was great. It’s just unexpected.

I am your father – Star Wars Graffiti by Dolk

This is my current Dolk collection and I am looking out for more. I’ll post them if they are absolutely outstanding or if I found them myself (or from a close friend).



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