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The best collection of Amazing HDR photography Amazing HDR Photography Amazing HDR Photography

I haven’t been posting much since a while, well I have been around and have been collecting up bits and pieces of information on some amazing graffiti stuff I’ve seen and also some amazing photos.

I’ve come to get quite excited about the HDR photography. You may have seen some of my posts on this, you can check them out on the link here: many of them are HDR (not all) but HDR is a category that I find quite fascinating.

There are lots of sites that propose “40 amazing HDR photographs” or other selections. I love those selection – but what I like the most is – it’s a constantly growing list of “Amazing HDR photographs” which is like a daily source of beauty.

I strongly recommend it.

And as a totally different subject on the amazing graffity side of things, I saw the comment from Timothy Becker about the Dolk stencil graffiti he spotted. It’s a great piece, quite large – and as usual a witty, twisted message. Thanks Dolk! and Thanks Timothy for sharing.  Here’s the post by urbansetting:

Here is the image:

Dolk Prisoner Stencil Graffiti

Dolk Prisoner Stencil Graffiti

cheers, and I hope to be posting more frequently. [;-]


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Going to visit the Graffiti expo in Paris


Am going to go visit the TAG expo in the Grand Palais (a prestigious glass roofed expo palace in Paris). Am looking forward to it. Hope there is a good variety of pieces in there.

Will be blogging my visit, it will be a long post.


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The Grenade Perfume

This stencil was used by a theater company in Paris to promote their show. The theatre piece is called “Les vipères se parfument au jasmin” I have no idea what it is about and any quality. 

However the stencil piece they used is great and could have been from Banksy or Dolk. In fact maybe it is but I haven’t been able to find out. 


The perfume grenade stencil (pochoir) poster from the Paris subway.

The perfume grenade stencil (pochoir) poster from the Paris subway.


If someone knows who did the original art please leave a comment. 

On another note, I started a thread called “Who has been blogging graffiti” on, see the link here: and there are some really interesting graffiti styles out there. Such as the one from Bayarts about moss graffiti. Will definitely blog that one shortly.

March 6, 2009 at 10:54 pm 2 comments

Nemo stencil graffiti in Paris

Nemo stencil in Paris - notice the white man climbing the wall

Nemo stencil in Paris - notice the white man climbing the wall


I spotted this stencil in Paris recently and found it quite nice. It is by an artist called Nemo, and has done quite some stencil work in Paris.

Nemo is known for selecting spaces that look bad and doing his piece there. Such as a destroyed wall etc, while not the same witty style as Bansky and Dolk he is rather artistic and almost poetic in his way. There is a lot happening in his piece. It isn’t sure if Nemo and Jerome Mesnager are the same person but the pieces are often linked. 

Jerome also did the art for an entire hotel in Paris called Hotel des Academies et des Arts, check out their site – it is a great idea for an artist to do.

Voila – am looking out for more.


January 13, 2009 at 6:05 pm 6 comments

Skull Stencil? or just painting?

I spotted this skull in Copenhagen some weeks ago.It seems too detailed to be a stencil but then again it could be.

It seems to be legal which is nice. I wish there would be places like this for the more expressive stencils like Dolk’s or Banksie’s.

I also had a skull stencil in another post with a picture of a Dolk stencil I took in Copenhagen.

If anyone knows what they are or where they come from – please put a comment! Thanks.



August 21, 2008 at 3:33 pm 1 comment

Dolk – The Making of the rapping Che Guevarra stencil

I’ve posted quite a lot about Dolk the Norwegian Stencil Graffiti artist. It started when a friend of mine spotted some of his stencils and showed me the pictures. I posted those and found more stencils and took pictures of those and posted them too.

What has become my best resource for Dolk Stencil Graffiti news is

It’s got pictures, stories, interviews and anecdotes.

There is a “Making of” his infamous Che Guevarra stencil (which I also found) that I thought was great.

Check it out here:

The Making of the Rapping Che

This two-color image, an “instant classic” as per Pictures on Walls and “Banksy-heavy” as per thethugsdontwork, features a cigar-smoking Che Guevara proudly pointing to his t-shirt, emblazoned with artist Jim Fitzpatrick’s rendering of Alberto Korda’s (in)famous, much pirated 1960 image of… Che Guevara.

And here is the stencil as it looks on a graffiti covered wall:

Rapping Che Guevara

June 11, 2007 at 12:02 am 3 comments

I am your father – Star Wars Graffiti by Dolk

While this piece was not from Copenhagen, the other Dolk graffiti’s I posted about are, I thought it was quite funny and had to post on it.

It’s great when art communicates. Dolk’s ability to make a 2-dimensional black and white image communicate is pretty good.

Just like Banksy I think one day his stuff will be valued and people will be kicking themselves for having cleaned it off their walls.

Dolk’s dual layer stencil

See my other posts on Dolk’s graffiti here and here.

March 30, 2007 at 9:09 am 15 comments

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