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The best collection of Amazing HDR photography Amazing HDR Photography Amazing HDR Photography

I haven’t been posting much since a while, well I have been around and have been collecting up bits and pieces of information on some amazing graffiti stuff I’ve seen and also some amazing photos.

I’ve come to get quite excited about the HDR photography. You may have seen some of my posts on this, you can check them out on the link here: many of them are HDR (not all) but HDR is a category that I find quite fascinating.

There are lots of sites that propose “40 amazing HDR photographs” or other selections. I love those selection – but what I like the most is – it’s a constantly growing list of “Amazing HDR photographs” which is like a daily source of beauty.

I strongly recommend it.

And as a totally different subject on the amazing graffity side of things, I saw the comment from Timothy Becker about the Dolk stencil graffiti he spotted. It’s a great piece, quite large – and as usual a witty, twisted message. Thanks Dolk! and Thanks Timothy for sharing.  Here’s the post by urbansetting:

Here is the image:

Dolk Prisoner Stencil Graffiti

Dolk Prisoner Stencil Graffiti

cheers, and I hope to be posting more frequently. [;-]


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Sticky Graffiti in Paris – Lion de Belfort in Orange

Sticky Graffiti Lion Belfort in Orange

Sticky Graffiti Lion Belfort in Orange

I spotted this rather funny “graffiti” on Friday. After a demonstration at Denfert Rochereau the demonstrators plastered the great Lion of Belfort with little stickers turning almost the entire lion Orange.

I snapped it with my iphone and it looks pretty cool.

I normally oppose graffiti on monuments but this one is quite funny, as it’s stickers I assume they will come off rather easily (I hope).

Actually Eric Tenin got a better shot of it which he published on his blog (actually I wonder if that wasn’t him on the bicycle shooting it up there).

Here is his photo:

Lion Belfort Orange by Eric Tenin

Lion Belfort Orange by Eric Tenin

October 25, 2009 at 4:43 pm 4 comments

Tile Mosaic Graffiti


A Tile graffiti from Invader

A Tile graffiti from Invader

I’ve blogged several different types of graffiti. But not Mosaic Graffiti… Actually I discovered this in the streets of Paris. I saw a few of them and wondered if this was something official, maybe some type of modern art (there has been some pretty weird legal modern art stuff around).  But speaking with a friend I found out that this is actually graffiti. 

It’s some of the nicest graffiti I have seen, not too loud, not too big but nice and funny.

It’s done by Invader, there’s more information on his graffiti here. He has done hundreds of these all over the world. 

More coming…


April 8, 2009 at 8:54 pm 2 comments

The Grenade Perfume

This stencil was used by a theater company in Paris to promote their show. The theatre piece is called “Les vipères se parfument au jasmin” I have no idea what it is about and any quality. 

However the stencil piece they used is great and could have been from Banksy or Dolk. In fact maybe it is but I haven’t been able to find out. 


The perfume grenade stencil (pochoir) poster from the Paris subway.

The perfume grenade stencil (pochoir) poster from the Paris subway.


If someone knows who did the original art please leave a comment. 

On another note, I started a thread called “Who has been blogging graffiti” on, see the link here: and there are some really interesting graffiti styles out there. Such as the one from Bayarts about moss graffiti. Will definitely blog that one shortly.

March 6, 2009 at 10:54 pm 2 comments

Fokop Business Center – Hilarious signs series

Maybe not the best place to do your business transactions - Hilarious signage

Maybe not the best place to do your business transactions - Hilarious signage

I just saw this great sign FOKOP Business Center. Not FUCK UP Business Center… I am adding it to the hilarious signage series.

For more of those click here >> HILARIOUS SIGNAGE SERIES.

Cheers [;-]

December 24, 2008 at 5:42 pm 3 comments

Almost Stencil Graffiti from Paris



As I mentioned in my last post, in walking around in the 10th district in Paris and looking at some of the graffiti culture they have I saw this pasted graffiti. It’s not stencil, it’s not spray – it’s a poster.

It’s by a Paris based street artist called Ludo, and is part of a series called Nature’s Revenge – I had never heard of him before but noticed afterwards that he was done quite some work in Paris.

Check out this link

It’s pretty cool and a different way, pretty environmentally friendly.

What about bio-graffiti?



PS: I was offered a room at a pretty neat hotel in the 10th called Taylor Hotel, it’s a sort of design hotel, the reception area is all decorated with images of posters from early 20th century. Almost stencils… [;-]

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Another addition to Hilarious Signage

In May 2006 I posted about some hilarious signs that I had seen in an email that was sent to me.

Recently as I was visiting the Berlin Zoo, I saw another one that should be posted here.


The text in German reads “VORSICHT! Lowe spritz Urin durchs Gitter.” in English that means ATTENTION! Lions spray urine on the gates.

Well of all the things Lions do, I didn’t think that was the main one. I wonder how that works in the jungle…

Check out my other post on the Hilarious Signage – you’ll have a laugh!


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