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The best collection of Amazing HDR photography Amazing HDR Photography Amazing HDR Photography

I haven’t been posting much since a while, well I have been around and have been collecting up bits and pieces of information on some amazing graffiti stuff I’ve seen and also some amazing photos.

I’ve come to get quite excited about the HDR photography. You may have seen some of my posts on this, you can check them out on the link here: many of them are HDR (not all) but HDR is a category that I find quite fascinating.

There are lots of sites that propose “40 amazing HDR photographs” or other selections. I love those selection – but what I like the most is – it’s a constantly growing list of “Amazing HDR photographs” which is like a daily source of beauty.

I strongly recommend it.

And as a totally different subject on the amazing graffity side of things, I saw the comment from Timothy Becker about the Dolk stencil graffiti he spotted. It’s a great piece, quite large – and as usual a witty, twisted message. Thanks Dolk! and Thanks Timothy for sharing.  Here’s the post by urbansetting:

Here is the image:

Dolk Prisoner Stencil Graffiti

Dolk Prisoner Stencil Graffiti

cheers, and I hope to be posting more frequently. [;-]


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The Cartier Foundation Graffiti Expo “Né dans la rue”

Signature photo of the Cartier Graffiti Expo

So I went to see the “Né dans la rue” (Born in the Streets) graffiti expo at the Cartier Foundation in Paris. I was positively impressed by the expo.

As it was forbidden to take photos inside the expo I only managed to take a few outside which I have included on the bottom of the post.

The expo isn’t that big but is quite informative. It has video interviews with some of the early guys from the 1970s, a large collection of used magik markers and spray cans, a remake of one of the first full-car pieces from new york (life size). Lots of sketch books, it’s a great variety of stuff.

The expo mainly traces the origins of the graffiti movement from back in the 1970s to the early/mid 1980s.

I enjoyed the expo as it goes over the time period when I was deep into graffiti so I remember the artists of the time, the photos of the full-car, half-car pieces from New York that we would drool over. They were even projecting the movie “Wild Style” that I never got to see as a kid.

In short, while the expo is not comprehensive as the styles and quality of pieces these days is way above what it used to be, the expo is a great basic understanding of how the graffiti movement began and how it took off like it did. Organizationally, the only point I found missing is a sequence of viewing. Artistically, I would liked to have seen more follow up on the trends and offsprings of the graffiti movement, such as the stencils, tiles, and all the many other variations that it has taken.

I guess that will come one day.

But it was definitely a great expo and I recommend it!

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New York, New York

JM Berts, released a couple of new photos on his blog. This one from New York and then another one from Il Duomo in Milan.

The difference between JM Berts and Ansel Adams is the subject matter and probably that JM Berts has the advantage of perfecting a print using Photoshop.

This is a great one again. I am not posting the one on the Duomo as I find it too dark. But check it out, he’s on my blogroll.



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Berts does it again with Amazing Photography of New York

Note that the picture is wider than the post so click on it to get the whole thing.

New York photo by JM Berts see his blog in my blogroll

I’ve decided to post on every new photo that JM Berts releases. They are pretty cool.

It’s funny to think that this is the same New York that’s covered in graffiti.

Well enjoy the photo and check out his site for more photos they’re cool.


June 3, 2007 at 11:41 pm 4 comments

My Views, Scientology, BBC, John Sweeney and all the hubbub

I’ve been watching the hubbub on the net about the BBC reporter losing it in the face of a Scientologist. So far I have been watching it and haven’t commented on it much. I didn’t want to mix this into my blog as I found it inappropriate. But I am a Scientologist and thought I would give My View.

Here are the key points.

About John Sweeney loosing it. Look, he’s a journalist and he has made it his life’s work to push people to the limit and pretend he didn’t notice it if they fall off the cliff. So can I forgive him for loosing it? No. If he messed up doing what he is paid for then there is no mercy really. If he plays the game in the global arena then you have to be willing to pay the price.

About Scientology having a problem with criticism. I think the people that write that haven’t been reading up on their history. I could name a quite a few religions that reacted a lot tougher than Scientology on this type of criticism. Cartoons come to mind anyone? The bottom line is attacking people’s religion is never a good idea. At best they get some publicity, but when it’s then a biased and incorrect – well that’s asking for trouble.

“If all the brightest minds since the fifth
century B.C. or before have never been able to
agree on the subject of religion or antireligion, it is
an arena of combat between people that one
would do well to stay out of.
“In this sea of contention, one bright principle
has emerged: the right to believe as one chooses.
‘Faith’ and ‘belief’ do not necessarily surrender
to logic: they cannot even be declared to be
illogical. They can be things quite apart.
“Any advice one might give another on this subject
is safest when it simply asserts the right to believe
as one chooses. One is at liberty to hold up his own
beliefs for acceptance. One is at risk when he seeks
to assault the beliefs of others, much more so when
he attacks and seeks to harm others because of their
religious convictions.” – The Way to Happiness

About the brainwashing accusation. I’ve been in Scientology for many years. I’ve also been out of Scientology for some years. Come on, that’s fiction my friend. Do I act brainwashed? read my blog. Does Chick Corea act brain washed? does Beck act brain washed? And in case that is your next question [“you are a fan of them just because they are Scientologists”], no I am not a fan of their music, and not just because they are Scientologists. But I certainly admire how they constantly are pushing the envelope of respectively Jazz and Rock.

Really I see this TV program and I wonder how any normal person reacts when he goes to a Church of Scientology with his little notepad from the program and looks and can’t find any of the stuff that Sweeney mentioned. BBC loses credit, world media loses credit, journalists in general lose credit and documentaries lose credit.

Now the sum of all this is, if anything, the internet has brought to the people the possibility to communicate freely and investigate for themselves. And the “web 2.0” gives the people the possibility to do their own journalism and publishing.

People like John Sweeney and the BBC are no longer holding the monopoly of information and propaganda. Now call it web 2.0 call it Andy Warhol’s 15 minute of fame, call it what you will. I will call it the end of media monopoly. And it’s time the big Media corps realized that the “little” people in the streets can now do something against the Goliath of the media, they will need to stay on the straight and narrow now because they will be exposed.

As to my religion and my beliefs, well in short. I believe in Scientology because it is all about increasing understanding. When you increase understanding then you think better and do better. Scientology is systematic in the approach and it’s all about personal improvement. What do I do? I read books on the subject. I do courses and drill how to apply the information in the books. I listen to lectures by L. Ron Hubbard that elaborate on the books and they’re are pretty funny. Hubbard had a great sense of humor and a massive understanding of life.

Well enough of all that, there have been many John Sweeneys before and maybe there’ll be a day when that too comes to an end.



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Just heard a track from the new Arctic Monkeys Album

the Monkey's new album cover  This is the new cover of their upcoming album. Looks like nothing but actually there’s a whole story to this, but I’ll go into this shortly. I just heard one of the new tracks on radio this morning. Sounds pretty good. A little harder than their last album it seemed to me. But a single track on radio is a little early to judge the album. I am quite excited to get it when it’s out. I wonder if Cigarette Smoke will be on it. It’s a pretty cool demo track they gave out free on the fan site

The rhythm’s pretty good in the Monkey’s work, similar to Bloc Party they have a great drummer who does a little more than keep the beat. There’s a great article on rhythm how it is an important factor in audience rapport and participation and a bunch more, By L. Ron Hubbard – you can see it here, it is at the bottom of the article.

Now back to the cover of the album. “Liverpool designers Juno, who also did the artwork for the first LP, spent a week gutting three unoccupied houses from the estate, before moving a team of spray artists to paint the interiors.” source

The cover is a little dull – but looking at it from that aspect it’s a lot more interesting. It totally reminds me of that amazing graffitti covered building in New York or the Dolk stencils I’ve posted about.

Ok – well I can’t wait for the album to get released!  Whoever get’s the release date first drop me a comment.

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Want to see some amazing photography?


Check out this blog from Jean Michel Berts. I am including some of the pictures here. He’s mainly in France but did some work in the US.

This is the new Ansel Adams!

Musee d'Orsay Paris

Musee d’Orsay – Paris

Eiffel Tower - also Paris

Eiffel Tower – Paris of course

Park Avenue - New York

Park Avenue – New York

Enjoy! And check out his blog!!!

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